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Take your fat-burning efforts to the next level with these crafty get-lean strategies.

If you want to get ripped, you know the well-established dietary rules that need to be followed: eat six to eight meals every day, keep your carbs in check and your protein intake high. And then there are the not-so-well- established rules, the ones that may seem counterproductive but have been proven to work, either scientifically, anecdotally or both. 

We like to call them “tricks” for the simple reason that not everyone has caught on to them yet. Incorporate them into your nutrition regimen and you’ll be hooked — not to mention shredded — in short order.


You can’t get lean without adhering to a clean diet, but at the same time, occasionally straying — a.k.a. cheating — can actually assist in losing fat. This doesn’t mean you should eat fast food all day long; rather, that you can increase carbohydrate and overall calorie intake for a single day. You can even have one meal of anything you want: a pizza, a burger and fries, lasagna, etc.

WHY IT WORKS: When you’ve been dieting strictly, your levels of the critical hormone leptin start to drop. Leptin keeps hunger down and metabolism up, so when its levels fall, you essentially burn fewer calories but eat more. Overeating boosts leptin levels, which keeps your metabolism high and hunger low, allowing you to burn more calories and consume less.

DO THIS: Increase calories by 25%–50% one day per week and at least double your carbohydrate intake on that day.


While you sleep, your body is essentially in a fasting state and is stripping amino acids from your muscles to fuel your brain in the absence of food. And since any muscle loss is going to negatively affect your metabolism, so too will it hamper your fat-loss efforts.

WHY IT WORKS: Eating right before bedtime means that aminos will be taken from that meal, not your muscles. However, we don’t recommend scarfing down carbs — only protein and/or fat. Some good options are cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, natural peanut butter, nuts, flaxseed oil and casein protein powder — all slow- digesting, high-proteinsources. Research has shown that casein also can help to encourage fat burning at night.

DO THIS: Eat either 8 ounces of low- fat cottage cheese, 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter or one scoop of casein protein powder.


Many people still opt for fast carbs before training, thinking it will provide a jolt of energy. Maybe it will, but it won’t help you burn fat like slow-digesting, low- glycemic carbs.

WHY IT WORKS: One study performed at the National Taiwan College of Physical Education found that athletes consuming a preworkout meal of slow-digesting carbs and protein burned more fat during exercise and were able to train longer before reaching exhaustion than those not eating the slow carbs.

DO THIS: Within 30 minutes before training, consume 20–40 grams of low-glycemic carbs such as whole- wheat bread, oatmeal, fruit or sweet potatoes in addition to 20 g of whey protein.


When trying to get ripped, cutting out all dietary fat isn’t a good idea. Healthy fats, namely omega-3 fatty acids, as well as monounsaturated fats, can actually help you lose bodyfat.

WHY IT WORKS: Fatty fish like salmon and trout as well as walnuts are good sources of omega-3 fats, while olive oil, peanut butter, avocados and eggs (see “Incredible & Edible”) are all good sources of monounsaturated fats. Plain nuts are great, too. One study out of Loma Linda University (California) reported that subjects following a low-calorie, high-fat diet with the majority of fat coming from almonds lost significantly more bodyfat than those consuming the same calories but higher carbs and lower fat. DO THIS: Keep fat intake at 20%–30% of total daily calories.

INCREDIBLE & EDIBLE Not sure what to eat for breakfast? We’ll decide for you: eggs. Research has shown that people who consume whole eggs at breakfast lose significantly more than those who don’t. Go with three whole eggs first thing in the morning, along with an additional bodyfat three egg whites.


Think about it: how many people do you know of who have gotten fat know of who have gotten fat from eating berries and bananas? Thought so. Fruit, then, is not exactly the devil, but some are better than others when it comes to getting lean.

WHY IT WORKS: A study out of Scripps Clinic in San Diego, California, found that people eating half a grapefruit or eight ounces of grapefruit juice three times a day lost on average four pounds in 12 weeks; this is probably because of grapefruit’s penchant to lower insulin levels and boost metabolic rate. Apples, on the other hand, contain antioxidants called polyphenols that, in addition to boosting strength and endurance, aid in fat loss, especially around the abs.

DO THIS: Add half a grapefruit to your breakfast and lunch every day and have one large apple as your preworkout carb source, as one apple contains about 30 g of slow-digesting carbs.


Eating dairy isn’t just about getting protein for building muscle; the calcium is a huge benefit for fat loss.

WHY IT WORKS: Calcium has been shown in numerous studies to enhance fat loss, particularly around the abs. It’s suggested that calcitrol, a hormone that promotes fat gain and limits fat burning, is suppressed when adequate calcium is consumed in the diet. Calcium may also help decrease the amount of dietary fat absorbed by your intestines, and a recent study suggests that it helps to curb food intake.

DO THIS: Opt for dairy products such as low- fat cottage cheese and Greek yogurt two or three times a day as high-protein snacks.

IT’S ALL GREEK The difference between regular and Greek yogurt is pretty simple: the latter contains about twice as much protein as the former and about half the carbs.


Buying organic will cost you a few extra bucks, but for some foods it’s worth the added expense, as these all-natural forms can greatly enhance the fat-burning process.

WHY IT WORKS: One study out of the United Kingdom reported that organic milk had roughly 70% more omega-3 fats than regular milk. Another study found that organically raised (grass-fed) cows produced milk with a whopping 500% more conjugated linoleic acid than conventionally raised cows and that the meat from the organic ones also contained more CLA and omega-3s — both of which aid in fat burning as well as muscle building.

DO THIS: When shopping for milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese and beef, buy organic if you can afford it.


Drinking water may seem too simple a way to get lean, but it works, especially when the water is cold. Plus, it’s cheap, so you’ll save money that can be spent on buying organic dairy and beef.

WHY IT WORKS: One study out of Germany showed that drinking two cups of cold water could increase metabolic rate by about 30%. It’s theorized that this is due to an increase in norepinephrine release brought on by the water. Another study found that those drinking two cups of water between meals also ate less food and lost five more pounds in 12 weeks than those not drinking extra water between meals.

DO THIS: Drink two cups of cold water between meals throughout the day.

DON’T DO THIS Many dieters depend on diet sodas and other artificially sweetened beverages to satisfy their sweet cravings. Research has suggested that such drinks cause you to feel hungrier, making you more likely to stray from clean eating. Moreover, these sugar-free beverages can still increase insulin release, which can inhibit fat burn absolutely can’t do without your Diet Coke, just try to limit yourself to one per day at the absolute most.


We know what you’re thinking: real men don’t eat soy. But in reality, real lean men eat soy, as it’s a potent fat burner.

WHY IT WORKS: University of Alabama (Birmingham) researchers found that individuals taking 20 g of soy protein daily for three months lost a significant amount of abdominal fat compared to those using casein. Soy also has been found to increase growth hormone levels. GH helps build muscle, yes, but it also burns fat.

DO THIS: Add 10 g of soy protein powder to your pre- and postworkout shakes.


Sunday, October 2, 2016


Welcome to 2016 Ben Weider Legacy Cup
October 7-9, Nordic Fitness Expo, Lahti, Finland

Canadian brothers, Ben and Joe Weider, founded the IFBB in 1946.
Joe became a publisher and trainer of the champions, while his brother Ben made the IFBB a worldwide sports organization. We are proud to keep up Ben Weider legacy by organizing a new competition concept under his name. Ben Weider Legacy Cup has been created by the IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja. 

Ben Weider Legacy Cup will provide bodybuilding, body fitness, bikini fitness and men’s physique competitions. The overall winners of each division will receive the IFBB Pro Leaque card.


Lahti is a very famous winter sports city in Finland but the last four years it has gained a worldwide reputation as bodybuilding and fitness sports city. Lahti is located 100 km north of Finland’s capital city, Helsinki.

Ben Weider Legacy Cup will be held at the Nordic Fitness Expo, Lahti Fair Centre, a modern exhibition centre located one kilometer from the Lahti City Centre.

Nordic Fitness Expo is the largest bodybuilding and fitness event in Northern Europe with expected 20,000 visitors. With one main stage and two expo stages it will offer whole weekend full of fitness sports competitions and other sports events.


The official airport for arrivals is the Helsinki International Airport. The organizer shall pick your team up at the airport upon arrival and take you safely to the bus only on Friday, October 7th, 2016.

Transportation between airport and hotel is arranged on Friday, October 7th, 2016, for €10.00 per person and the transportation back to airport on Monday, October 9th, 2016, for €10.00 per person, based on the provided times of arrivals and departures.

Airport Bus leaves from Lahti Bus Station to Helsinki Airport every hour from 04:15 to midnight.


Ben Weider Legacy Cup athletes accomodation will be held in Pajulahti which is the official Finnish Olympic and Paralympic Training Center, located just a 15-minute drive from competition venue Nordic Fitness Expo. Accommodation is possible at better-equipped hotel rooms or sport standard level rooms.

Hotel prices:

Hotel level, 2-bed room 120 € / night
Sport standard level accomodation 2-bed room
90 € / night

Prices includes:

- Transportation between hotel and competition venue.
- Free use of gym and sauna
- Breakfast

Contact to
Phone +358 3 8855 200


A valid passport is required to enter Finland. EU-country citizens do not need to obtain a visa. All other countries should consult the Finnish Embassy in their country to determine if they need a visa. An official letter of invitation will be made available if required.

An athlete, who requested and received an invitation from the IFBB Head Office or the Organizing, Committee of an IFBB sanctioned event for visa purposes and used this visa to unlawful stay in the host country or any other country, will be subjected to the disciplinary proceedings and measures.


This competition is open for All the IFBBaffiliated National Federations from Europe. Participation in this competition is unlimited

Registration of athletes will only be considered if they are nominated by their IFBB-affiliated National Federation by sending the Final Entry Forms with their names to the IFBB Press Commission, with a copy to the IFBB Head Office in Madrid.

The deadline for submitting the Final Entry Forms is September 26th, 2016.


The official arrival day is Friday, October 7th, 2016. The registration will be held on Friday at Cumulus Lahti Hotel from 16:00 to 20:00. IFBB registration fee of EUR €200 has to be paid at the time of registration.

Remember that all the athletes will have to produce their IFBB International Card at theregistration.

Any athlete who has not yet purchase this IFBB International card will have to buy one at the registration. IFBB Card costs EUR €30.00 per year and are mandatory.

The registration fee includes admission to the Nordic Fitness Expo in both days. Registration of athletes will only be considered if they are recommended or entered by the National Federation. The Final Entry Form with athletes’ names has to be emailed directly to the IFBB Press Commission, IFBB Head Office in Madrid and Organizing Committee of the Nordic Fitness Expo.

We strongly encourage you to register early and make the appropriate arrangements to compete in Lahti, Finland. Hotels will be booked up quickly as this is a very, very popular event. 


The list of competitors on September 30. This page will be updated on daily basis.

Body fitness  – 163 cm

Liis Org, Finland
Niina Vehviläinen, Finland
Meeri Mäenpää, Finland
Annika Tiitinen, Finland
Niina Sirrola, Finland
Maiju Aalto, Finland
Sonja-Sofia Rannanjärvi, Finland
Minna Tanttu, Finland
Katja Paju, Finland
Hanna-Riikka Lehtivuori, Finland
Katapoti Kalliopi, Greece
Ann Kristin Jacobsen, Norway
Gabriela Azu Niftali, Estonia

Body fitness – 168 cm

Marianne Sampakoski, Finland
Jenny Söderström, Sweden
Lilian Rannu, Estonia
Gea Taalvelt, Estonia
Ninna Skakon, Denmark
Anja Lykke Jørgensen, Denmark

Body fitness + 168 cm

Heini Hakalahti, Finland
Maaret Nousiainen, Finland
Jenni Burtsov, Finland
Mari Jaara, Finland
Salla Heikkilä, Finland
Hanni Mäntynen, Finland
Sofie Rosenvinge, Denmark
Kristine Beck, Denmark
Signe Hajs, Denmark

Bikini fitness – 160 cm

Johanna Hermans, Finland
Marjo Mattila, Finland
Eevi Teittinen, Finland
Sanita Jussila, Finland
Ines Karvinen, Finland
Eveliina Ylönen, Finland
Kirsi-Tiina Ruuskanen, Finland
Satu-Maarit Soutua, Finland
Hannah Tabone Grech, Malta
Kristin Winnergård, Sweden
Karina Polovnikova, Estonia
Liis Rosenthal, Estonia
Rebrova Aleksandra, Russia

Bikini fitness – 163 cm

Linda Paldanius, Finland
Edita Kallio, Finland
Melina Keltaniemi, Finland
Gynai Alekperova, Finland
Emmi Nenonen, Finland
Kati Lyytikkä, Finland
Marjut Kivinen, Finland
Renata Vanhatalo, Finland
Johanna Rintala, Finland
Lisett Luts, Estonia
Julia Dunik, Estonia
Samoilenko Anastasiia, Russia

Bikini fitness – 168 cm

Tuula Seilonen, Finland
Laura Pelkonen, Finland
Ilona Siekkinen, Finland
Emmi Juhala, Finland
Pauliina Pakarinen, Finland
Karoliina Maihikoski, Finland
Jenna Orreveteläinen, Finland
Hanna Karppinen, Finland
Rodi Bodrug, Sweden
Linda Hjerzell, Sweden
Sandra Hornakova, Slovakia
Timea Trajtelova, Slovakia
Lina Cardozo, Austria
Jaanika Jelegina, Estonia
Õnnela Raudsepp, Estonia
Katarina Rõigas, Estonia
Helena Mang, Estonia
Ene Tomingas, Estonia
Tuuli Jõgar, Estonia
Reet Reimets, Estonia
Agne Kiviselg, Estonia
Merilin Taimre, Estonia
Helen Randmets, Estonia
Andra Vagur, Estonia
Kovalevskaia Zlata, Russia
Krasnova Evgeniia, Russia

Bikini fitness + 168 cm

Susanna Mustajärvi, Finland
Milla Kelahaara, Finland
Caroliina Kinnarinen, Finland
Silja Pihlaja, Finland
Saralotta Engblom, Finland
Henna Kultalahti, Finland
Jutta Kärri, Finland
Caroline Samuelsson, Sweden
Olivia Pohankova, Slovakia
Catharina Wahl, Norway
Riina Rõõm, Estonia
Hiie – Liin Tamm, Estonia
Kristina Nuut, Estonia
Cäroline Paas, Estonia
Kristina Tsasovskih, Estonia
Kirke Kirt, Estonia
Mari Pukk, Estonia
Kristiin Heleen, Estonia
Josefine Achen, Denmark
Jeanne Petersen, Denmark
Sandra Rosendahl, Denmark
Zorina Valentina, Russia
Osiptseva Galina, Russia

Men’s physique -174 cm

David Ouamba, Finland
Law Shala, Sweden
Pontus Koskelainen, Sweden
Ivar Mikk, Estonia
Timofeev Aleksandr, Russia
Giulnazarian Andrei, Russia

Men’s physique – 178 cm

Dennis Johansen, Norway
Sander Kikas, Estonia

Men’s physique + 178 cm

Jaani Inkinen, Finland
Kaspar Tõnisson, Estonia
Sander Kaasik, Estonia
Shatsman Aleksandr, Russia

Bodybuilding – 80 kg

Jukka Nyyssölä, Finland
Mikko Leinonen, Finland
Janne Utrila, Finland

Bodybuilding – 90 kg

Igdir Cengizhan, Greece
Jari Leskinen, Finland
Ott Kiivikas, Estonia

Bodybuilding – 100 kg

Mikko Ovaskainen, Finland
Arto Vainio, Finland
Kille Kujala, Finland
Sami Jaukkuri, Finland

Bodybuilding + 100 kg

Peter Wilenius, Finland
Giannis Magkos, Greece
Luke Debono, Malta
Antti Halmo, Finland
Dennis Johansson, Sweden

Artturi Kallio, Finland


All posing music must be on an audio CD only.

The posing music must also be at the start of the CD. Each competitor must affix his/her name on the CD for easy identification. The use of profane, vulgar and offensive language is strictly prohibited in the posing music.


All the costs for traveling, hotel accommodations, transportation to and from the airport, as well as meals, are at the responsibilities of the National Federations or individual athletes.


The IFBB has banned all tans that can be wiped off. An official will check the tan of all the athletes backstage and if the tan comes off by simply wiping, the athlete will be told to remove the tan.


In order to assist the IFBB Judges Committee in their selection of judges for these Championships, please forward your nomination for judges from your National Federation as soon as possible but no later than September 26th, 2016 to:

Pawel Filleborn, Chairman, IFBB Judges
Committee, email:

All judges who wish to be included in the judges’ panels at these Championships should be specified in the Final Entry Form. The test-judges should be specified there as well.

Judges have to pay the yearly judges’ license fee of EUR 50.00 for 2016. This fee may be paid at the Championships. Test-judges should pay a test fee of EUR 50.00. 

This fee may be paid at the Championships.

All the judges must attend the Judges/Team Managers Meeting held at the Sokos Hotel Lahden Seurahuone (one block from Hotel Cumulus) at 21:00 on Friday, October 7th, 2016.

If the above conditions haven’t been met, judges will not be able to carry out their duties at the Championships.


Green cards are used to limit access to the Weigh-in and backstage area during the Prejudging and Finals, will be distributed at the Judges/Team Managers Meeting as follows:

Five (5) or more competitors -
two (2) green cards
Less than five (5) competitors -
one (1) green card

Green Card have authorized entry only to the backstage area, not auditorium at the Main Stage (Ben Weider Legacy Cup Bodybuilding competition).


Access to the backstage and/or dressing room areas shall be strictly limited to essential personnel only. Coaches and trainers who assist athletes in the dressing room area must be of the same sex as the athlete they are assisting.


All media accreditation, except the local media, shall be controlled by the Nordic Fitness Expo.

All persons wishing to obtain media accreditation for this event must register with the IFBB by completing and signing an NORDIC FITNESS EXPO Media Accreditation Form, which must be remitted to the IFBB by e-mail at media. no later than
September 19th, 2016.

For the further information, please visit:


Camera and/or videotape equipment shall be strictly prohibited in the backstage and/ or dressing room areas except when used by IFBB-authorized media persons and, at any event, these devices shall be strictly prohibited in the dressing room area.


UTC/GMT +2 hours


The national currency in Finland is EURO. All major credit cards are widely accepted at most major hotels, department stores and restaurants.


During the month of October, the average temperature is + 1-10 °C.


The electrical outlets are 220 V, 50 Hz. Socket / plug of type C plug with two round prongs, popularly known as the europlug and used in all continental Europe countries.

Detailed info at:


The official language in Finland is Finnish. English is widely spoken in hotels, restaurants and shopping malls.


The official training facility is Gym K&M, website:
Phone +358 45 276 4990


All Final Entry Forms should be addressed to Mr. Andrew Michalak, with a copy to the IFBB Head Office in Madrid, Mr. Ernesto Perez, .

The deadline for submitting the Final Entry Forms is September 26th, 2016.

Please copy all correspondence to:
Nordic Fitness Expo