Tips to get a body like Jason Statham

Jason Statham newest movie Wild card is close to release and therefore the movie’s trailer looks absolutely stunning. What adds to the charm of this clip is that the incontrovertible fact that Jason Statham looks great and really fit as he essays the role of a recovering gambling addict who gets through life helping his friends.


The multi-talented actor, seen during a number of flicks including hits like Homefront and therefore the Transporter, was a black market salesman and diver, a incontrovertible fact that helped him land is first role within the movie Lock, stock and two smoking barrels. But aside from all that, Jason is additionally a director, producer and adept at martial arts. So it’s no surprise that he’s at the highest of his game, fitness-wise.


In Wild Card the action hero is seen doing what he does best — throwing some killer punches. He looks absolutely ripped, and has evidently worked hard to take care of his body. If you’re wondering what the star did to rework his body, here are few of Jason’s fitness mantras.

Psych yourself bent exerting .

In an interview with Men’s Health, Jason says that the majority people attend gyms without the attitude that they have to succeed. ‘I am someone who believes in attitude. ‘Some people just don’t have that desire, and that they need an honest kick within the ass. Look, you’ve come to coach here, let’s f–king train! Your body’s sort of a piece of dynamite. you’ll tap it with a pencil all day, but you’ll never make it explode. You hit it once with a hammer, bang! Get serious, do 40 hard minutes, not an hour and a half nonsense. It’s such a lot more rewarding.’ He adds.

So the next time you attend the gym confirm you’re able to sweat it out. albeit it’s for just 40 minutes. Make it the simplest 40 minutes of your life.

His workout plan

Jason Statham works out six days every week and uses his Sundays to coach at a stunt director’s studio. Saturdays are usually when he does a four hour long trail within the Hollywood Hills.


Warm up (10 minutes)

His workout plan includes shadow boxing to warm up his back and shoulders, which is followed by lunges and stretching for the legs. subsequent set includes five, three-minute rounds of punching (using a kick pad) then hitting an important punching bag for 3 rounds. He sometimes alternates his workouts by employing a speed bag rather than a punching bag.

After this, he uses his weight to figure up a sweat. According toMen’s Health Jason Statham says he skips, does squat thrusts, burpees, star jumps, pushups, tuck jumps and stepups. ‘The key’s explosive execution. If I’m doing a pushup, i’m going down slowly and, bang, push up.’ he adds. He also uses the rowing machine to assist him warm up.


Jason Statham’s workout

Jason’s workout is opened up into three phases, out of which the primary phase is his warm up. Here are the opposite two phases of his explosive workout.

Stage 2: The second stage is of medium intensity and is supposed to organize his body for the onslaught of the third phase of this workout. Also, he makes sure that there’s always variety within the workouts he does and thus may prefer to do anybody of the following:

Front squats, deadlifts or the facility clean. These are mainly CrossFit exercises and are alleged to be done using heavy weights. He makes sure he doesn’t do quite five reps.
Carrying exercises using either a kettle bell or sandbags.
This is followed by kettlebell exercises and throws with the drugs ball.

Stage 3: This phase comprises of interval training and consistent with Statham is that the most brutal and end . ‘It blows every gasket. You’re crying for air. It readlines the guts into oblivion.’ says Statham in his interview with Men’s Health.

In this stage it’s essential that you simply maintain variety. which suggests you either do different exercises or do one exercises in an interval structure. you’ll pick any six to form a circuit. The exercises he does are ball slam, towel pullup, hanging leg raise, pullup, dumbbell jump squat, spiderman pushup, farmer’s walk, barbell front squat, rope handle cable row or the dumbbell stepup.

Statham do one six-exercise circuit five times. If you’re just starting out, it’s essential you rest for as long as you would like between exercises, and know when to prevent . Also, if you don’t have all the equipment to try to to these exercises, you’ll use six basic exercises that don’t require any equipment.

Jason Statham reminds his fans that understanding and not eating right are counter productive, so to assist you get that lean-mean physique, here is his eating plan.


Rule#1: don’t starve yourself

Statham says that intelligent eating is that the key to an honest physique and is important for rapid weight loss. He eats about 2,000 calories each day and spreads it out between six meals.

Rule #2: Avoid sugar and flour

Jason makes sure he avoids pastas, sweets of any kind (including fruit juices) and completely stays off liquor. ‘That’s the toughest part right there’, he says in his interview with Men’s Health. If you’re someone who craves something sweet, Jason suggests tucking into a bowl of plain yogurt (or dahi) with some fresh fruit to urge obviate the cravings.

Rule #3: Record everything you eat or drink

According to the action star writing down everything you eat or drink — including water (he tries to drink about five liters of water everyday because it helps him feel full) — makes it easier for you to ascertain what foods worked for you, where you slipped up and make corrections in your diet correspondingly. Also, if you see what you eat, you’re more in charge of it and can tend to cheat less.

Rule #4: Eat regularly

Statham eats six small meals each day but makes sure he sticks to the two ,000 calories each day limit in the least costs. His meals contains egg whites, vegetables, lean meat, fish, nuts and protein shakes.
Finally, training like Staham takes tons of determination, and to assist you out, here are the 2 rules he follows to stay his workouts on point.



Rule #1: don’t repeat an exercise sequence

According to Staham, while the sorts of exercises might repeat over the span of six weeks, there are never any repeats within the sequence. He says changing his schedules on a day to day is what keeps his workouts interesting. aside from keeping him focused on his regimen, changing the schedule also shocks his body and helps show better results.

Rule #2: Record your workouts

This means that you simply write down what exercise you probably did what percentage reps and what weights you used. This not only helps you see how well you’ve got progressed but is additionally an excellent tool to ascertain what worked and what didn’t for you. Since every one is different and has different endurance levels, this book will assist you see where you’re once you started and if what exercises you’re doing is functioning for you. Statham says, ‘If you would like to urge faster, stronger, and healthier you’ve got to record and track progress. Making progress is that the primary goal of the training I’ve been doing.’

Rule #3: Get obviate the justifications

Staham says that there should be no excuses when it involves understanding . Even with the hectic schedule he has, Statham makes it some extent to workout. consistent with him albeit you’re travelling and are in your bedroom , doing functional exercises and people requiring only your weight shuold suffice. But missing a workout isn’t allowed.

Text by:Pavitra Sampath of thehealthsite

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