SPIDER CURLS – Strong Arms

Spider Curls are one of my staple bicep movements. The reason why I like it is because it really targets the long head of the bicep. which is the part of the bicep that鈥檚 responsible for your bicep peak.聽


Study the pics of great peaks from Arnold to Ronnie and you will see that the inner head/shorter brachii is the little ball in the inside of the bicep and the outer head/longer brachii is the knot that sits up higher forming the peak.


Now the best way to target that outer/longer brachii is to curl with your elbows slightly out more than your hands, hence why dumbbell concentration curls was an old school favourite.

For me however, I need more strictness when targeting smaller muscles like the biceps. Concentration curls give me too much freedom to chest and swing. This is why I prefer spider curls using the close hand position of the ez curl bar. It鈥檚 strict because with my bodyweight leaning forward, I can鈥檛 cheat and lean back or swing. It鈥檚 also like killing two birds with one stone because my arms are locked in the concentration curl position (hands in elbows slightly out) but I鈥檓 knocking out both arms at the same time.
Make sure the bench is 45 degrees 鈥 *make sure your chest sits above the bench in order to have your arms hang vertically because if you sit lower, your arms will start off angled closer to your body, thus killing the range of motion for you to maximize the peak contraction.


Instead think 鈥榝lex your bicep鈥 which will contract the bicep from the very start of the movement and not just at the peak.



you bring the bar, instead think how hard you want to flex your bicep. Do a two count as you flex and then hold the peak contraction for an extra second before lowering your arms into start position again.
You should only be able to come up half way if you鈥檙e connecting with the biceps.
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